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Programming Error Collections

  在 Mac 上用 virtualenv 时引入Matplotlib会出现以下问题:

RuntimeError: Python is not installed as a framework. The Mac OS X backend will not be able to function correctly if Python is not installed as a framework. See the Python documentation for more information on installing Python as a framework on Mac OS X. Please either reinstall Python as a framework, or try one of the other backends. If you are Working with Matplotlib in a virtual enviroment see 'Working with Matplotlib in Virtual environments' in the Matplotlib FAQ


import matplotlib  
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt  


Dimensions must be equal, but are 3 and 224 for 'conv1_1/Conv2D' (op: 'Conv2D') with input shapes: [?,224,224,3], [3,224,224,64].

  从 Stack Overflow上查到一个说法是:

shape of input = [batch, in_height, in_width, in_channels]
shape of filter = [filter_height, filter_width, in_channels, out_channels]